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Social dynamics and interethnic relations in educational settings

Autor Radek Vorlíček
Organisation FHS UK
Year 2017
Research type Ph.D. thesis
Annotation he dissertation explores the dynamics of social marginality and dominance in educational settings. It explores social distance dynamics among pupils in elementary school, and its impact on their position in social hierarchy. I focus on social interaction in a group of children, and record the context in which the inclusion or exclusion of non-dominant identities take place. Special attention is paid to the role of schools in the process of boundary constructions. Larger framework of the research is integration, segregation and assimilation tendencies of school systems. The dissertation is based upon long-term qualitative inductive and ethnographic fieldwork.
Keywords social exclusion; social interaction; interethnic relationship; ethnicity; Roma pupil; elementary school; inclusive education
Research type continual research, qualitative
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Obor AO Sociology, demography
Availability available in the NRVDM electronic library
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Organisation FHS UK
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Registry administrator Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Operator Národní pedagogický institut ČR
In cooperation Czech Council of Children and Youth
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