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Social Determinants of High Parental Educational Expectations

Autor: Lucie Hrubá

The aim of this paper is to identify main factors explaining high parental educational expectations from their children. Unlike most studies, parental expectations are examined as an independent variable, rather than as a dependent variable. Data fro… [READ MORE]

A year after – impacts of the „common education“ report


Before the end of the school year, 2016/2017 representative investigation was made with the aim to map out the introduction of changes to support the education of pupils with special educational needs which is in force from September 2016 and is refe… [READ MORE]

The New Young Masaryks? Support for Democracy and Its Principles among Czech Adolescents

Autor: Jan ŠEREK

This article investigates levels and predictors of support for democracy and two democratic principles (free speech and minority rights) among Czech 14- to 17-year-olds. An analysis of survey data collected in primary and secondary schools in four… [READ MORE]

Career Decision-making of Czech Students in the Period of Emerging Adulthood


The study deals with the issue of career development of Czech emerging adults and in this context, it draws attention to research marginalisation of secondary vocational schools students. It focuses on the analysis of factors resulting from the type… [READ MORE]

The influence of individual characteristics and school environment on perceptions of the benefits of schoos discussions about civic issues

Autor: Dana Juhová, Hana Macháčková, Jan Šerek, Petr Macek

This study examined the connection between selected class factors (open classroom, teachers’ role in discussions, relationships in the classroom and the type of the school) and individual characteristics (students’ engagement in discussions, their sh… [READ MORE]


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