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Electronic student books from the perspective of educators and parents

Autor: Dana Hlaváčková

This bachelor thesis describes and compares electronic form of assessment results versus standard form at elementary and secondary schools. The thesis is divides into teoretical and practical part. The teoretical part describes assessment results of … [READ MORE]

Roma children and what they can teach us

Autor: BcA. Barbora Chrostková

The topic of this thesis is integration of Roma children with special focus on its positive effects for not only Roma children but also non-Roma majority children and teachers and for educational system in general. The first part of the thesis presen… [READ MORE]

Raising child in problematic family

Autor: Magdaléna Jílková

The bachelor thesis is about and focusing on different kind of problems in different kind of families. The target of this Bachelor thesis is to find out particular problems, their cause, impact on bringing up children, how they cope with a situation … [READ MORE]

Services of Support centres for students with hearing impairment at university

Autor: Mgr. Bc. Petra Seidlová

This master degree thesis is focused on the analysis of services of Support centres for students with special needs which are offered to students with hearing impairment. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical … [READ MORE]

Positive parenting - education without punishment

Autor: Lenka Neuhöferová

The thesis describes the phenomenon of education without punishment and positive parenting, which is engaged in this education. This thesis defines basic terms and definitions, which are necessary for an understanding of the topic. It describes basic… [READ MORE]



Graphomotorics - I can already laugh, I'm learning to write!

28. 9. 2017 — The book features practice and release exercises for preschoolers and school children. In a fun way, it will make writing lessons easier. There are poems that rhythmizes the movement of wrists and fingers. The book is an excellent tool for developing… [READ MORE]

Riddles for schoolchildren

28. 9. 2017 — A book of riddles for school-age children. The difficulty of individual riddles is gradually rising. The children will get acquainted with information from five different school subjects in this book. [READ MORE]


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Dear visitors, welcome to the National Register of research on children and youth, which is publicly accessible data archive designated for all those interested in the latest information from the research surveys focused on our youngest generation. Portal operated by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports through the National Institute of Children and Youth gathers researches carried out by national, research and non-profit organizations and institutions. In the electronic library of the Register are stored complete final reports or links to them, along with basic annotations, both in Czech and in English. If you are interested in becoming a contributor or cooperating institutions, please contact the administrator of the portal.