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Research on the practice of alternative family care in the Czech Republic and the experience of actors with this practice

Autor: Věduna Bubleová, Ondřej Novák, Marie M. Vágnerová, Jan Paleček, Olga Šmídová-Matoušová, Filip Vyskočil

This monography analyses situation of alternative family child care in the Czech Republic from several perspectives - sociological, psychological, from the point of view of Czech Population and opinions from stakeholders of the system. The main aim o… [READ MORE]


Autor: Ministerstvo práce a sociálních věcí ve spolupráci: Mgr. Eva Dobrušová, Mgr. Petra Večerková, JUDr. Ivana Hrdličková, Mgr. Eva Šilarová, Mgr. Kateřina Hollá, Marie Vavroňová, MUDr. Martin Hollý

The methodical material offers ideas and experiences for easier work with family which is in collapse. The concept should help to social workers with their work with parents which are undertaking divorce and deal with conflicts on children. Recommend… [READ MORE]

Poverty and social exclusion of young people. Report on situation in the Czech Republic

Autor: Martina Veverková, Charita ČR

This report describes main challenges linked to poverty and social exclusion of disadvantaged young people in the Czech Republic and proposed to decision-makers and to state institutions how to solve these issues. These recommendations are based on t… [READ MORE]

Causes of low civic and political participation of children and youth in the CR

Autor: Mgr. Jindřiška Rousová

This thesis deals with the topic of low civic and political participation of children and youth in the Czech Republic. Participatory democracy theory and theory of civil society are used as starting values. The work deals mainly with organized civic … [READ MORE]

Youth Unemployment: What Can the Flow Data Tell Us?

Autor: Lenka Šlegerová

This thesis deals with the dynamics of the Czech labour market, with special emphasis on the youth. The calculations of gross labour market flows and flow transition rates deliver evidence on higher youth labour market dynamics compared to prime… [READ MORE]



Development and needs of Children - what the research says

28. 2. 2018 — Listen to Petr Daniš, a director of the educational centre of Tereza organization and his three stories about children´s development and found out what the research says on current challenges. (only in Czech) https://slideslive.com/38905581/rozvoj-a… [READ MORE]

What are the standards by opinion pools with children and young people?

28. 2. 2018 — Are you researching children and Young people? What are the standards by opinion pools with children and young people? http://simar.cz/standardy/kvalitativni-standardy/dotazovani-deti-a-mladeze.html [READ MORE]


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