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The Speech therapy on preschool children

Autor: Romana Kašná

This bachelor thesis deals with the logopaedic intervention in children of preschool age, is divided into three parts. The theoretical part consists of two chapters. The first chapter defines all of the preschool period. The second chapter defines th… [READ MORE]

The first week of a compulsory school attendance

Autor: Martina Hospodková

The aim of this diploma thesis is to show the procedures following in the first September week in the first classes in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part focuses on the school maturity and readiness of a child for school. It clears its overall … [READ MORE]

The influence of media on children: internet and television

Autor: Klára Elgartová

This bechalor thesis tries to find out to what extent does the TV and the internet affect in particular the psychic development of children and youth, optionally on other aspects of their lives. We found out that the TV and the internet affect psychi… [READ MORE]

Special educationist and his role in the educational system in the Czech Republic

Autor: Lenka Mikešová

This bachelor thesis shall bring the comprehensive view of the person of a special education teacher on chosen schools around Prachatice. The theoretical part deals with legislative issues and qualifying conditions required for executing this occupat… [READ MORE]

Comparison of Infant Groups and Kindergartens

Autor: Veronika Marková

This bachelor thesis is comparing infant groups and kindergardens. The goal of this thesis was to compare hygiene requirements for space and service and conditions for educational activities at infant groups or kindergarten. The theoretical part of t… [READ MORE]



School maturity and its diagnostics

25. 7. 2017 — The book is intended especially for teachers of kindergarten and primary schools. It deals with the theme of the child's readiness to enter the elementary school and what can be done in kindergarten for its optimum level. The book contains the charac… [READ MORE]

Children and emotions

25. 7. 2017 — This book is intended for parents and educators who educate children and influence their emotional life. The family with four children presents us the most important emotions. The book shows to parents and educators how to develop children's curiosit… [READ MORE]


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