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Assessment of pupils in teaching Czech language and literature at secondary school

Autor: Bc. Klára Ženíšková, DiS.

The aim of the work will be to determine used and preferred methods and forms of assessment among teachers of czech language and literature at the 2nd grade of primary school. The theoretical part will deal with school rating, types, forms and method… [READ MORE]

Reeducation of dyslexia, dysgraphia and dysortographia at the 1st grade of primary school

Autor: Petra Jelínková

This master thesis deals with the problems of Specific Learning Difficulties such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and dysorthography that show especially in the Czech language. The theoretical part concentrates on the personality of the student with Specific… [READ MORE]

Benefits of participation in student local governments for children and youth

Autor: Aneta Gregorová

The topic of the thesis is cooperation of children and youth in public life of democratic society specifically it is focused on contribution of their participation in student selfgovernments and student parliament for members of those organizations. … [READ MORE]

Relationships in the classroom on the first grade of primary school

Autor: Andrea Jirásková

Bachelor thesis examines the relationships in primary school children, particularly in the 4th grade. The work is divided into theoretical and practical. The objective is to generally describe how to characterize school age, school environment and in… [READ MORE]

The subjective concept of corporal punishment in primary schools from the perspective of current and past generations

Autor: Veronika Kokešová

This thesis deals with the issue of corporal punishment and opinions on the issue of past and present generations. The theoretical part deals with basic concepts related to this issue. Work includes basic information on sanctions, the history of pena… [READ MORE]



Cipher for children

28. 5. 2017 — The book contains more than 100 different ciphers: secret letters, mysterious pictures, strange diagrams, masked morse, special crosswords and many more. The ciphers in the first half of the book are intended for children from the age of 7, the ciphe… [READ MORE]

We'll talk you about dysortography and dysgraphy

28. 5. 2017 — This book is intended for children who have difficulty with dysgraphy or dysortography. It is also intended for their parents, teachers, or friends. The book features two pupils - boy is struggling with dysgraphy, girl with dysortography. Both school… [READ MORE]


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Dear visitors, welcome to the National Register of research on children and youth, which is publicly accessible data archive designated for all those interested in the latest information from the research surveys focused on our youngest generation. Portal operated by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports through the National Institute of Children and Youth gathers researches carried out by national, research and non-profit organizations and institutions. In the electronic library of the Register are stored complete final reports or links to them, along with basic annotations, both in Czech and in English. If you are interested in becoming a contributor or cooperating institutions, please contact the administrator of the portal.