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Number of children and young people

Age structure of inhabitants - 5 years age groups as at 31st of December of each year - public database Czech Statistical Office

Data source: Český statistický úřad

Data collected from: 2010-12-31

Keywords: number of children ; number of youth

Number of children and young people

Age structure - 5 years age groups as at 31th of December of respective year, source: Czech Statistical Office

Data table

0 - 4 years579535590690581700566262557069550194554834560763
5 - 9 years485064497702522828551324574904591957593168585156
10 - 14 years453543452849455768459869469072481565499273524758
15 - 19 years582650541105510265479874463083458003458673462200
20 - 24 years692009671462660086645014623989590522553701525198
25 - 29 years746496721200711493704759696939690104685593677564

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