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(Summer) recovery activities (form of summer camps)

According to the Act no. 258/2000 Sb. on the Public Health Protection and data collected by the Regional Hygiene Stations. About the legal definitions and issues see

Data source: Krajské hygienické stanice

Keywords: summer camp; recovery activities for children

Number of Recovery and other similar activities for children

Data table

Recovery activities1875189919882091217122382200
Batch of recovery activities2841289530013106317432583226
Other similar activities for children465417418396389370325
Batches of other similar activities for children670586615598545515468
Reported activities in total2340231624062487256026082525
Reported batches in total3511348136163704371937733694

Participants of the (summer) recovery activities for children

Reported are children in the age from 6 to 15 years of age. By other similar activities there is no obligation to report the activities nor the numbers of participants. This indicator thus NOT represent the real numbers of participants on this type of activities, only those voluntarily reported.

Data table

Children on recovery activities170243175478186951193391201838209400211635
Children on other similar activities14612127941366613073125601197510594
Reported children in total184855188272200617206464214398221375222229

Possible related research

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