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Mutual Expectations of Mothers and Teachers of First Graders in Their Cooperation in Children's Reading Literacy Development

Autor Jana Sedláčková
Organisation Filozofická fakulta - Masarykova univerzita
Year 2017
Research type lecture
Annotation Aim of this contribution is to outline the first results emerging from the analysis of particular data addressing issues on maternal and techers' expectations about mutual cooperation in early reading literacy development. Analysis of the in-depth semi-structured interviews with 10 mothers and 2 teacher of first graders seems to show that: Part of the reading homework in the 2nd half of the year is presented rather in form of reccomendations than compulsory tasks. Mothers perceive this setting with its advantages and disadvantages. On one had they would wish for more compulsory homework, on the other they admit that despite of their effort during the 1st half of the year to read with their children every day, they cannot fulfill the task in the 2nd half of the year. They agree with teachers that the main task of school is to teach the reading technique, while they should support children's positive relationship to reading and books.
Keywords family-school cooperation; reading literacy; parental expectations; teachers' expectations; reading homework; first grade
Research type unrepeated research
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Obor AG Juridical sciences
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Organisation Filozofická fakulta - Masarykova univerzita
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